Up and Away

Up and Away

الاسم الاصلي للفيلمHodja fra Pjort
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تاريخ العرض2018-02-08
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Up and Away

مشاهدة فيلم Up and Away بجودة علية على موقع تفي انمي | Tvanime.xyz

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تاريخ العرض 08/02/2018
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Hodja is a dreamer. He wants to experience the world, but his father insists he stays home and takes over the family’s tailor shop. Fortunately, Hodja meets the old rug merchant El Faza, who gives him a flying carpet. In exchange he has to bring the old man’s little granddaughter, Diamond, back to Pjort. El Faza can’t travel to the Sultan city himself, as the mighty ruler has imposed a death sentence on El Faza, on the grounds that he has stolen the Sultan’s carpet. However, city life isn’t quite what Hodja expected, and he only survives because of Emerald, a poor but street smart girl, who teaches him how to manage in the big world. But when Hodja loses his carpet to the power-hungry sultan, his luck seems to run out. Will he complete his mission, find El Faza’s granddaughter and return safely back to Pjort?

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